Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before place the order, if you have other questions, please just send it to
Once you have added the desired items to your cart, follow the instructions: To order as a guest Click on the shopping cart and proceed to checkout Enter all the required information Choose the payment method Click ‘place order’ To order with Lawrencepur account Log into your account Click on the shopping cart and proceed to checkout Enter all the required information Choose the payment method Click ‘place order’
An automatic Order # is issued at the end of the transaction and you should receive an automatic email notification from our Customer Services Department. In case you do not receive any notification, you may call us at +92 309 2220061 from Monday to Friday between 10 am till 6 pm or send us an email on and a customer care representative will get in touch with you.
For all orders with a value of less than Rs. 2,000, our Minimum delivery charges are Rs. 300 across Pakistan. All online orders worth more than Rs. 2,000/- our delivery is complimentary.
You will always be one of the first to get updates on any of our upcoming promotions.
All orders once placed cannot be modified. However you may cancel the order by calling the customer services at +92 309 2220061 from Monday to Friday between 10 am till 6 pm or by sending an email on within 24 hours of placing your order.
If the customer would like to change a product due to their own personal reason, they will have to bear the cost of logistics. However, if this exchange is due to defect in the product, Lawrencepur will bear all logistic cost.
The order placed online cannot be exchanged at any outlet. It has to be sent back within 7 days of the online purchase in case of exchange or defect.
We have the following payment options:

• Cash on delivery (COD)

• Online – Credit Card Payment
Normally we don't provide support during weekends, except for urgent cases. In these cases, you only need to mark “Urgent” in your email, we will get back to you ASAP.
Currently, the COD service is only applicable in Pakistan.
You can pay through Cash on Delivery (COD) while shopping online. Once all items you wish to purchase have been added to your cart, follow the steps below to pay with COD:

• Click ‘Proceed to Checkout.

• Fill in the ‘Billing Information’ and ‘Shipping Method’ forms

• In the Payment Information form, select “Cash on Delivery”

• Click on “Confirm Now.” Note your Order Number which will be provided to you at the “Thank You” page

• You’ll be asked for the required amount in cash at the time of the delivery and will be provided with a receipt along with your purchase.
The COD service is available all over Pakistan.
In cases where multiple items are ordered, typically we ship all the items in one package. However, there are also cases in which multiple items are delivered through multiple deliveries.
In case of damage/defect customer should either call our customer services at +92 309 2220061 from Monday to Friday between 10 am till 6 pm or email the issue on within 24 hours of delivery.
Online product (s) can be returned/exchanged via courier within 14 days from the date of purchase. For detailed policy guideline, please read TERMS & CONDITIONS
We have a ‘No Refund’ policy. However, refunds may be allowed in exceptional cases wherein the product is out of stock or appears to be faulty. Refunds will be issued to the same credit card that was used for the original purchase. You will be credited for the cost of the item(s) and applicable taxes. Shipping and handling costs are non-refundable. Please allow two weeks for the processing of returns and up to two billing cycles for the credit to appear on your credit card statement.
You may cancel your order any time before the order is processed/shipped by calling the customer services at +92 309 2220061 from Monday to Friday between 10 am till 6 pm or by sending an email on within 24 hours of placing your order. Once the order is processed/shipped, you will receive, via email, a shipping confirmation that contains tracking information. Once a product is processed/shipped, the 'Return and Exchange Policy' will apply.
Lawrencepur may cancel orders for any reason. We may or may not specify the exact reason for cancellation to the customer. Common reasons for cancellations may include the following:

- The item is out of stock,

- Pricing errors or

- Credit card payment is declined by the issuing financial institution.
Current list of our General Terms & Conditions followed at all our stores is as follows:


- Exchange within 14 days of purchase of garments.

- Loose fabric, accessories, worn, altered and/or used Articles are nonrefundable/nonexchangeable.

- Sale receipt and all tags of the product with barcode required for return/exchange.

- Sale receipt of the product is required for alterations.

- Alterations will not be entertained on products sold on discount.

- Exchange/Claim is not possible on products sold at discount or during sale.

- All claims are subject to the approval from head office.

- All prices are inclusive of sales tax.

- The company will not be responsible for any item or Advance, that remains unclaimed for more than 60 days.

- In case of Made-to-measure (MTM’S), if the trial date is missed, the final delivery date will automatically be extended.

- Lawrencepur does not assume responsibility for any private fabric provided by customer for stitching a Made-to-measure (MTM) garment.

- Made-to-measure (MTM) complaints for stitching will not be entertained, three (3) working days after delivery.
All orders are usually delivered within 5 to 7 working days.
Some orders are delayed as they are specially made available for our online customers.
We do not ship outside Pakistan at the moment but we will up date it on the web store as soon as this facility is available.
Our Made to Measure service is not available through the web store. It is a specialized service and requires the physical presence of our customers in front of our Designated Master Tailors who are available only at our Brick and Mortar retail stores. Most of the orders are first sent for a Trail which too are done in presence of our Designated Master Tailors before their final delivery. Therefore this service is not available on our web store.
The retail prices of all our products are displayed on our web store next to each product. All prices are inclusive of tax. However for your ease we have also included the current retail price list of all our fabrics and garment below:

Product code Product Name Retail Price
S-140's 18301 Florence Suiting 7,530
19401 WC Extra Fine Suiting 6,470
19601 WC Luxury 6,470
14801 Radiant Jacketing 5,655
S-120's 22201 Ebony Suiting 4,680
7402 Ivory Premium 4,680
33201 Platinum Suiting 4,675
S-100's 14105 Granada 5,880
14120 Vittoria Suiting 5,735
12201 Exotic Black Featherlite 5,400
78401 Linwool 5,350
13102 Gaberdine 5,125
13118 Bellini Suiting 4,775
14119 Rossini Suiting 4,680
12116 Siena Suiting 4,680
14201 Cordoba Light Weight 4,530
S-70's 330 Superior Serge 4,835
M-33 Saxony 4,675
64107 Valencia Suiting 4,215
62106/62107 Magna Lt. Wt. Suiting (P-D) 3,330
Wool Blend/Polywool 13201 Riveila Wool Blend 3,765
7156 Vicuna 3,765
3105 Vienna Suiting 3,700
5411 Dedum 3,655
4401 Arctic Exclusive 3,525
4102 Worsted Flannel 3,425
4101 Serge 3,395
03111/03112 Tropical Exclusive (P-D) 3,395
8703 Centurion Classic (P-D) 3,090
4103 Winter Suiting 3,090
54201 Wintropic 3,010
8702 Centurion (P-D) 2,870
2110 Panama Classic 2,870
02112/02111 Tropical Classic (P-D) 2,805
02102/02103 Tropical (P-D) 2,725
2101 Panama 2,565
2120 Altaan 2,515
72101 Salaar 2,405
03604/02602 Lyla (P-D) 2,370
1501 Estash TRW 1,730
Wool Rich 9477 Superior Vicuna 5,140
43301 Arctic Collection 4,535
43201 Savana Classic Collection 4,370
43101 Classic Ivory 4,215
220 Worsted Tweed 3,845
53101 Sierra Suiting 3,765
Cotton Fabric 11327 Summer Spree 2,115
30501 Cotton Gaberdine 1,810
30105 Maharaja Supima Cotton 1,595
30106 Diamond Egyptian Cotton 1,300
30101 Premium Egyptian Cotton 1,180
30701 Summer Classic Cotton 1,055
30102 Luxury Egyptian Cotton 950
30111 Indus Cotton 850
30107 Valencia Cotton 800
30103 Exclusive President Cotton Latha 750
30108 President Latha 610
30109 Pearl Fine Cotton 590
30110 Classic Cotton 570
Poly Viscose/Modal Viscose 23501 Shelta 1,660
23301 Kashghar 1,590
22401 Zhob 1,460
22102 Summer Comfort 1,050
24401 PolyTaj 750
22101 Kunhar PV 670
24101 Summer Prime 625
Bosky 91105 Bosky 2,110
91105 Bosky Synthetic 570
Poly Linen 64651 Poly Linen 3,500
Shirting Fabric 600 Super Nova Gold 1,750
500 / 502 Super Nova / Super Nova-1 1,650
401 Alpha -1 1,200
400 Alpha 1,000
403 Alpha-3 1,000
300 Bravo 800
100 Charlie 600
108 Charlie-1 600
702 Delta-1 380
700 Delta 330
200 P/C 270
Customers usually follow the standards given to them by their respective tailors. However, generally for our MTM orders the consumption guidelines followed by our stores are as follows:

Size Range 3 P Suit     2 P Suit/ SS     Jacket     W.Coat.3rd pcs    
Suits - Regular Fit (S-21)
44-48 3.5 3 2 1
50-52 3.75 3.5 2 1
54-56 4 3.5 2 1
58 4.25 3.5 2.2.5 1.25
Suits - Slim Fit (S-34)
44-48 3.25 3 2 1
50.56 3.5 3.25 2 1
Size Range Regular Fit (TR-125) Slim Fit (TR-134)
30-38 1.5 1.4
40-44 1.75 1.65
Shirts (All)
Size Range Mtr
14.5 TO 16 1.8
16.5 TO 17.5 2
Size Range Mtr
44 TO 48 R 2.50 - 3
48 TO 56 3.25
58 3.5
Size Range Mtr
44 TO 48 R 2.50 - 3
48 TO 56 3.25
58 3.5
Shalwar Kameez
Fabric Width = 56 "
Size Range Mtr
S,M & L 4
XL to 2XL 4.5
3XL to 4XL 5
Shalwar Kameez
Fabric Width = 36"
Size Range Mtr
S,M & L 6.75
XL to 2XL 7
3XL to 4XL 7.5

Fabric Width = 56"
Size Range Mtr
S,M & L 2
XL to 2XL 2.25
3XL to 4XL 2.25
Fabric Width = 36"
Size Range Mtr
S,M & L 3.5
XL to 2XL 3.75
3XL to 4XL 4
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